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Kevin McGettigan, pictured at the  Client Services Office

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Recovery, doing better personally & getting support in this life. 

   By Kevin McGettigan, Case Manager & CPS*

  Hello Good People, I’m a member of our Services Team and have worked with Housing Initiatives for over 3 years.  We’re a team of four, including Tami Fleming our manager.  We are here for you to reach out to ~ and we want to help.    I’m also a Certified Peer Specialist & Recovery Coach.  Some of you know that I’m in Recovery.  You may have heard that term - Recovery.  Many know what that means, some might wonder what that means?  It can mean different things for different people & I’ll touch on that in a bit.

   Besides Recovery, doing better & getting support in life are things that sound good, and many want and could use.  Life is often full of challenges and upsets that can seem like too much at times.  With help, we can often find our way through, to cope better with, what sometimes seems like just too much.   Healing and recovery can happen, there is hope.  Challenges and trauma can be faced, we can get help to survive and get to a place where we suffer less, even that can have more meaning, purpose & perhaps even peace.  We would like these things for ourselves.


  Please know the Services Team folks want to help you & get you more support in your life.   Help that you may not even know is available to you.   Our office is in the Calypso apartment building.  Many of you only know of the Housing Initiatives Management office on Ruskin Street.

     We are all having different experiences in our lives right now and all of us are in a place where we are doing well or poorly, things are bad, just ok, maybe we are feeling good today.  We could be hurting or doing better; this can be physically, mentally, or emotionally ~ in how we are doing.  Some think in terms of their spirit and how they are coping.  Some feel that life is a gift, but when we are emotionally down, that is almost too hard to hear or believe.  Challenges and life experiences for people are different.  Many of you have had tough times on the street, being homeless is harder than most folks know.  I don’t want to get too deep, but many of you know what the term trauma means.  This world is filled with traumatic and very difficult situations; that are hard to live and deal with, let alone heal from those traumas.

     I am a Certified Peer Specialist & Recovery Coach by training.  I’ve experienced trauma, mental and physical challenges, also a short period of homelessness, hospitalization, AODA issues and I’ve needed & gotten help in coping & living in this world.  It helps.  I continue to take personally helpful and healing actions in my life, along with getting help from others in dealing with this life and the challenges that arise.  So many things can come up and working on healing and being less affected by past and even present traumas is so helpful.  These things help me to live and do better in the world.  I’ve found some peace and healing, and I know that you can find a way, your way to deal with and get help with life’s challenges.   Being a Peer, Recovery Coach and a Case Manager, like the rest of the team here – we can listen and help, hear what you feel you may be pulled to or what you are looking for.  Together we might be helpful in your life’s quest to be all right.  To live and be all right.  Perhaps to help others as well.

Here is a Recovery definition that I like that is open.

Recovery is defined as: “A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential. 

– SAMHSA = Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration helped define that definition which is pretty good.  Much is up for you to discover and find what works for you.  It is your life.

Prior to my work here, I was with another service agency in town for a good number of years.   I will share my phone number here at the end.  It is (608) 576- 8908, leave a message if I don’t pick up.  Texts are fine too.  My email is


Call if you have a question or are needing some help, also I can share your request with our team too, so that I or one of us gets back to you.

Thanks for reading & Peace,


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