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Every client since 2017 has a disability, has experienced chronic homelessness and are is low income or has no income.  Below are some ways to get the things you need to help you feel stably housed and that your basic needs are taken care of.

Grocery Basket

Area Food Pantries

Click on the links below to get days/times that each pantry is open and what the requirements are for receiving food from these locations.

Complete Online Listing
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Food Share Benefits

North Side              Downtown               West Side                         South Side

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*Delivery may be available if you are home-bound

Please note:
-People over 60 years of age may qualify for weekly food deliveries from "Food Bridge" a part of NewBridge services for the aging in Dane County.
-Veterans may qualify for rides to and from the pantry on the DryHootch shuttle bus.
Hotel Amenities

Personal Essentials Pantries

Paper, soap, razors and hygiene supplies. More extensive lists available by clicking on links.  Some cleaning supplies available at specific locations.

All Saints/Good Neighbors
Metro Bus.png

Discount Metro Bus Passes

Madison Metro offers discount 31-day bus passes for people who have a low income ($28) or Disabled/Senior Citizens $32.50  Click below for details on these discounted fares.  Regular 31-day bus passes cost $65.

Capturing Art

Free Phone Services for Low Income Households

There are several different plans available to choose from.  Most plans will allow for one phone replacement  if it is lost or stolen, but then after that, the cheapest way to maintain a phone is to purchase one from your current mobile phone plan and have it shipped to you and hooked up again to your existing free account.  If you are a client with NO income, talk to the Client Services office if you need assistance with that. 

Online Class

Free Internet Service for Low Income Households

There are multiple big-name internet service providers (ISPs) in the United States, including Spectrum, Comcast and CenturyLink. Many of the larger ISPs feature special discounted deals for lower income applicants. There are also several small ISPs which you may not know about that offer affordable internet plans. Click below for some of the best low-income internet options available: 

Low Income Internet Services

Help applying for Social Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)

The agencies below can assist you with applying for SSI/SSDI for the first time- or with an appeal.  Getting turned down a few times is pretty common, don't give up if .you are disabled and can't work

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